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We specialize in providing fully trained and experienced bookkeepers to companies in need of "Full Charge" bookkeeping assistance on a part time basis from four to sixteen hours per week (4-16 hrs/week).

"Full Charge" bookkeeping assistance includes:

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Every company must have an experienced, knowledgeable bookkeeper to maintain accurate records for tax purposes as well as every day business operations. You can have a current and accurate view of your company’s financial status and budgets.

Our bookkeepers are permanent staff of All Bookkeeping Services, Inc. and have been thoroughly tested for accounting and software knowledge, accuracy, and work ethic. You are not responsible for their payroll, taxes, vacation time, or insurance expenses.

Our bookkeepers will keep your financial information fully confidential. We will protect your data by maintaining backups of your data.

You can focus on the growth of your business and leave the paperwork to All Bookkeeping Services, Inc. knowing that your bookkeeping is being taken care of accurately, timely, and confidentially.

Do You Have a Bookkeeping Nightmare?

No bookkeeping mess is beyond repair!

Bookkeeping is more complicated than just recording an invoice as a receivable and a bill as a payable. If the entries are not coded correctly then the books will not be reliable. Sometimes an asset can be inadvertently set up as an expense which makes for defective financial reporting. Sometimes payroll tax payments are incorrectly entered, which leads to complicated problems.

Are your company profits growing and you are not sure why? That is great! Let us analyze why and what can be done to continue this positive trend.

Are your profits declining? What is happening? Where can you cut costs or plan better? Let us investigate where bookkeeping practices can be applied to help you answer these questions.

We can help solve all of these problems and more!

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